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PRD Full Form In Hindi and English

PRD Full Form In Hindi: उत्पाद आवश्यकता दस्तावेज
PRD Full Form In English: Product Requirements Document
PRD Full Form in Bengali: পণ্য প্রয়োজনীয় নথি
PRD Full Form in Telegu: ఉత్పన్న అవసరాలు పత్రం
PRD Full Form in Tamil: பொருள் தேவைகள் ஆவணம்
PRD Full Form in Marathi: उत्पाद आवडणे दस्तऐवज
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What is the full form of the PRD?

The full form of PRD is “Product Requirements Document”.

what is Product Requirements Document?

A Product Requirements Document (PRD) is like a detailed plan for making a new product. It includes information about what the product is for, who will use it, and what features it should have. This document helps different people involved in making the product, like managers, designers, and developers, to understand what needs to be done. It has details about the product’s purpose, who it’s meant for, important features, how it should look, and technical specifications. By having a PRD, everyone working on the project knows what the goals are and what’s expected, making it easier to work together to create the product.

All Other Full Forms of PRD:

Word Full Form Meaning
PRD Product Requirements Document Detailed plan outlining specifications for a product
PRD Public Relations Department Manages a company’s image and public communications
PRD Personal Responsibility and Development Emphasizes individual growth and accountability
PRD Preliminary Design Review Evaluation stage in engineering or project management
PRD Project Requirements Document Specifies requirements for a project
PRD Purchase Requisition Document Formal request to purchase goods or services
PRD Performance Requirements Document Specifies performance criteria for a system
PRD Product Research and Development Process of creating or improving products
PRD Patent Review Division Division handling patent reviews
PRD Process Requirement Document Details requirements for a particular process
PRD Public Release Document Information released to the public
PRD Personnel Recovery Division Division focused on personnel recovery operations
PRD Project Resource Directory Directory of resources for a project
PRD Property Research Division Division involved in researching properties
PRD Production Resource Database Database containing production-related information
PRD Policy Research Division Division engaged in policy research
PRD Payment Request Document Document requesting payment for goods or services
PRD Portfolio Review Document Document assessing a portfolio of projects or investments
PRD Population and Resources Division Division studying population and resources
PRD Procurement Review Document Document reviewing the procurement process
PRD Patient Registration Desk Desk or area for patient registration in a healthcare setting
PRD Product Recall Document Document detailing procedures for product recalls
PRD Public Record Database Database containing public records
PRD Personal Records Department Department managing personal records
PRD Program Review Document Document assessing the effectiveness of a program
PRD Public Relations Diary Diary documenting public relations activities
PRD Project Risk Document Document outlining risks associated with a project
PRD Project Resource Directory Directory of resources allocated to a project
PRD Project Review and Discussion Review and discussion session for a project
PRD Project Reporting Document Document detailing project progress and status
PRD Process Review Document Document reviewing and assessing a particular process
PRD Public Recreation Department Department managing public recreational activities
PRD Product Release Date Scheduled date for releasing a product
PRD Personal Records Database Database containing personal records
PRD Productivity and Research Department Department focused on productivity and research
PRD Public Relations Display Public display or exhibit related to public relations
PRD Partnership Registration Document Document registering a partnership
PRD Product Roadmap Document Document outlining the planned development of a product
PRD Parental Responsibility Document Document outlining parental responsibilities
PRD Professional Responsibility Division Division focused on professional responsibilities
PRD Project Resource Distribution Allocation and distribution of resources for a project
PRD Project Review and Documentation Review and documentation process for a project
PRD Project Risk and Decision-making Involves assessing risks and making decisions for a project
PRD Public Records Division Division managing public records
PRD Property Registration Document Document registering ownership of a property
PRD Patent Registration Document Document registering a patent
PRD Public Relations Display Display showcasing public relations efforts
PRD Public Relations Diary Diary documenting public relations activities
PRD Performance Review and Discussion Review and discussion of individual or team performance
PRD Product Release Date Scheduled date for releasing a product
PRD Policy Review and Development Process of reviewing and developing policies
PRD Procurement and Resource Division Division managing procurement and resources


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